A Special Message to Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Dear models, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs:

Here is the unfortunate reality you live in. There is a positive correlation between your growth and the amount of people who will try to bring you down. I'm going to lay out why it happens and what you can do about it. 

Simply put, there are two types of people. 1) People  with vision and ambition. 2) People who lack vision and wait for things to happen. People who fall in the first bucket are willing to work to achieve their goals. They create plans and then attack them. They are willing to sacrifice the easier wrong (being lazy, being mean) for the more difficult right (work ethic, being nice). People who fall in the second bucket lack the work ethic to do the necessary tasks to achieve success. They settle for mediocrity. 

But why does nastiness on social media manifest itself? The truth is, people who have procrastinated hard work develop, over time, insecurities about their identify. The right thing to do would be to self-evaluate, reflect and then get started on the path towards success. But we have already established that it's easier to be mean than to work hard. The predictable outcome is then to spew hate, insults, anything to bring someone else down to their level.

So what can you do about it? I'm not going to tell you to brush it aside, because the truth is, that stuff hurts. If you feel hurt, then congrats, you are human. You have a soul. You have a conscience. 

Here's what you can do: Write down your core values, things you believe in, things that make up your identity. It's important to put this in writing. When you get attacked, it's easy to feel alone and isolated. How many of you have wanted to quit Instagram, modeling, or whatever it is you do after someone attacks you? I know I have at times. Take a deep breath and refer to your core values. These values are UNDENIABLE TRUTHS and serve as a compass to guide you forward. 

Don't quit. Don't give up. Put your head down and work harder. Be RELENTLESS. Leave the haters behind in your dust and don't look back. 

Alex WilliamsComment