Yoga Photoshoot with Sarah II

I know, I know, we just did a blog about yoga! Well, Sarah (@princess_saw21) and I had so much fun with the first shoot and so many ideas generated that we were anxious to get back at it. 

This follow-up shoot took place yesterday evening at Fletcher's Cove in Solana Beach, CA. The whole theme of this shoot was to capture some beautiful sunset light, which for me just means lower light conditions. We first arrived to Fletcher's just after 6:00 pm, about 90 minutes prior to sunset. We were a little early to begin shooting, but I always like to scout the area and take test shots. Here are some of the test shots:

SIDE NOTE: As we explored the shore line the tide grew higher and higher. We had a fun time making it back to our original spot timing our dashes between waves:

Haha, love this shot.

One comment Sarah and I both had about the shoot at Del Mar was how intriguing the rocks, walls and different elements of the environment had on the composition. While Solana Beach didn't offer as much diversity in environmental elements we did try to take advantage of our surroundings with shots featuring different natural features, perspectives and textures. 

With the sun closer to setting, we dove right into our main shoot. Like before we started with Sarah going through her Yoga routine with me pausing her at certain poses to get some shots. The shots below turned out great, but we felt we were missing a certain dynamic.

This is where the shoot started to get interesting. Once we worked through the various poses, we decided that it was time to have some fun and get a little silly. I had Sarah play in the shore for starters.

And then in the sand:

We were about ready to wrap up when we noticed a tiny little alcove by the cliff and decided to get some final shots just after the sun went down. Sarah really took over here, and I think these final shots may be my favorite of the day:

You have to appreciate a model who is not only willing to get a little dirty, but fully embraces it. Thank you, Sarah for going above and beyond and being so involved in the creative process.

Alex Williams