Ashly x Sophia x Shawna Studio Session

Last weekend I geared up for my first studio session with RIVI Bikinis. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I had a good idea of what I wanted to accomplish, but until you actually set up and start taking photos, an element of uncertainty always lingers.

Dani (RIVI Owner), of course had everything prepared: makeup, wardrobe and even snacks! She also ordered a simple lighting system which met our needs perfectly.

I probably would be criticized by some photographers for going with an LED continuous system instead of renting a strobe, but I believe that if you know how light works, then you can still capture some awesome images. Plus, you have to start somewhere and as longer as you are making progress, then you can't go wrong.

We started off with some more traditional studio style shots to feature RIVI's new yoga and one-piece swimwear lines. I balanced the lighting on each side of the model and also used a speedlite simultaneously. I was pleasantly surprised with the results after a little color correction in post production:

I can't emphasize enough how lucky I am to work with such amazing models. Ashly, Sophia and Shawna are absolute pros. I feel like we have the best team at RIVI and we all genuinely enjoy spending time together and creating some awesome art! 

We wrapped up the day with some single-light, high-contrast shots. Everyone's creativity really shined through here and I'm really glad we set aside some time to have fun. 

I was really thankful that this studio opportunity presented itself. While low-light swimwear on the beach is definitely one of my favorites, I like to challenge myself with new styles to keep pushing my skill sets forward. I learned a lot in the studio and have a lot of new inspiration for my work.