RIVI Bikinis Photoshoot – Laguna Beach, CA

This past weekend I had a great opportunity to work with Dani Dunn, shooting for her swimwear company, RIVI Bikinis. At the surface level, I’m always excited to shoot and continue to practice with new models, but what really had me excited about this shoot was to work with Dani and her brand.

I’m a big proponent of networking, but in the context of photography; surrounding myself with true creatives who embrace entrepreneurial spirit. I’m really very new to photography, so I try to take every opportunity to learn from others who are “making it happen”. Having a big goal is great to have, but on a day-by-day basis, you have to concern yourself with progress and making positive steps each day and work with like-minded people.

Alright, the shoot. Dani was amazing with coordinating all the details of the shoot including finding Sophie as our model, wardrobe (obviously) and even modeling herself. She literally did everything, even captured the BTS Instagram stories.

Dani and I were both extremely lucky, because our model Sophie was AMAZING. I couldn’t believe it, but this was her first photoshoot and I have never seen someone have such confidence and personality their first time. She did an incredible job learning on the fly and was really fun to work with.

This was only my second shoot with two models at the same time and I have to say, I am now a big fan of this. Having an extra model helps with the collaboration of ideas and also helps with pacing and capturing more looks. I think I’m going to try this format a lot more for future shoots.

We started about 100 minutes prior to Sunset which gave us a chance to try out a lot of different looks. We started with some brighter, high-contrast shoots along the cliff. The cliff was important as it reduced the harshness and gave us some additional texture to work with:

After a wardrobe change, we played with the golden hour lighting mixed up some of the poses. I think by this time, everyone was warmed up and we had some more personalities and take over. I think this speaks to the level of comfort and collaboration that everyone created and from this point on everything flowed together.

As you all know, capturing water movement and sunset tones is one of my favorite styles. Combine that with Sophie and Dani and result is just wow:

We had actually wrapped things up when Sophie went into the water to rinse off and I realized that we hadn’t captured any shots of Sophie and Dani together. These shots are just really fun and as Dani put it, “we ended on a high note and then an even higher note.”